Valetto Blizzard Snow Foam Extreme 500ml Bottle

Valetto Blizzard Snow Foam Extreme 500ml Bottle

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Valetto Blizzard snow foam extreme. Deep cleaning power with ridiculous levels of foaming to ensure dirt is lifted from paintwork to avoid light scratches. Our specialised cling foam holds itself together for longer, making it effortless to remove dirt, this special formula can even remove ingrained dirt, traffic film, bugs and so much more. This is a no-touch product, the process is entirely effortless just apply through a foam lance and remove minutes later by power wash.

Delicious cherry scent when being used. Extremely concentrated formula for lasting use. Large 500ml bottle for long lasting use, giving you many washes.


  • Highly concentrated snow foam
  • Cherry Scent
  • Removes dirt, traffic film, bugs & more
  • easy on-off use
  • Made for vehicles
  • High PH
  • Large 500ml bottle



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