Valetto Lemon Burst Smelly Bomb Air Freshener 1 Litre

Valetto Lemon Burst Smelly Bomb Air Freshener 1 Litre

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Valetto lemon burst air freshener, a powerful long lasting fragrance designed to combat nasty odours. Designed for vehicle / car interiors. Amazing fresh lemon smell, likeable by everyone.

highly concentrated formula, with long lasting effects, highly effective at refreshing stale air, simple application. 1000ml bottle for lasting use.

Our custom spray trigger is sure to last, designed to spray evenly and reliably thousands of times, and even comes with locking system for when not in use.

Delicious sweet lemon scent, for that clean / new smell.


  • 1000ml spray bottle
  • Lemon burst fragrance
  • Highly concentrated
  • Long lasting smell
  • Odour masking
  • Made for vehicles

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